IT Creation Compnay Nurturing Resonance by Technologiesresonest

Create Novel UX and Device Shapes in IoT Era

Resonest Corporation is the IT creation company to realize manufacturing
for the new millennium by AI, IoT, UX, and design technologies.



2018.2.23Patent of control method capable of arbitrarily interconneting IoT devices has be granted by JPO (P6292649)
2018.2.9Resonest has been granted as Sumida City's New Product and New Technology Development Subsidy
2018.2.2Patent of apparatus control using machine learning has been granted by JPO (P6281884)
2018.1.12TOTALMASTERS whose AI Resonest designed has been granted as New Energy Technology Innovation Support Project by NEDO
2017.6.24Resonest exhibited its social challenges atCareer Discovery Forum 2017of Leave a Nest
2017.4.23Resonest exhibited "fushigi music experience" at Only One Experience School 2017 Spring of Gifter LABO NPO
2017.4.3Small&Bright of Kanako Kikaku covered Resonest as its first story of Sony Spirits
2017.3.17Resonest has been granted as Innovative Monodzukuri, Commercial, and Service Development Promotion Subsidy
2017.3.17Resonest has been granted as Small Business Succession Subsidy by Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
2017.3.15​Resonest and AKT Labs co-presented Informatics of Materials Development at JSAP Spring Meeting 2017
2017.3.2-3Resonest presented "fushigi-ware" at TECH PLANTER Meetup of Hyper Interdisciplinary Conference
2017.2.8Resonest has been granted as Sumida City's Intellectual Property Adoption Subsidy
2016.11.11AKT Labs and Resonest co-presented a Crystal Growth Control using Enforcement Learning at Shokugyodai Forum 2016
2016.10.28Resonest has been approved as Management Power Enforcement Plan by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
2016.9.25Resonest exhibited "fushigi music experience" at Only One Experience School 2016 Summer of Gifter LABO NPO
2016.1.15Japan Patent Office registered "Resonest" as a trademark
2015.12.9Resonest exhibited hands-on "fushigi-ware" at Robotics Lab of Leave a Nest
2015.6.12Resonest has been granted as Startup/Establishment Promotion Subsidy by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency
2015.5.16Resonest talked at Garrage Sumida's first anniversary event
2015.5.7Resonest Corporation has been founded


ー Mission ー

Right Now, Right Here, Just for You
Realizes such a World as to Relate to Things where Techs along with Human

Creates Novel Paradigm of Info along with Individuals by IoT
Instead of Existing Info Paradigm of Anytime, Anywhere, and with Anyone

Right Now

Happen to forget the importance of "NOW"
surrounded by busy works?
Pay notice to a time that exists at this particular moment.

Right Here

You may realize other side of
the worldwhile sitting in your home.
However, "experience"
only exists "here."

Just for You

"You" existing now and here is
the leading part,instead of a
statistical human.
We realize technology
must come back again there.

ー Vision ー

Realizes IT Life Creation Platform
Evolvable and Scalable

Creates Platform of Novel Info Paradigm to Establish the Mission

IT Life Creation Platform

Because everything interconnects freely,
IoT will exist unaware and
natural like the air.
It will create a novel info space of
"right now, right here, just for you" with
real experience as the core.

  • 1970s、1980s

    Function and Quality

    Manufacturing in 70s/80s Economic Growth Pursued Functions and Qualities
    Individual Function Altered Lives, Brought Pleasures, and Enhance Societies

  • 1995〜


    Emergence of Internet Interconnected Human Behaviors and Social Activities
    Sharing and Utilizing Info Enhanced Convenience of Lives and Acts

  • 2015〜


    Upcoming Manufacturing Will Be to Create "Things Usability" Adopting Both Their Features and Connection Convenience Resonest Creates Novel IT Lives

ー Services ー

Contributes to Technology and Business Evolution by leveraging Intellect, Expertise, and Talents
Provides the Best Solutions to Individual Client Problems Utilizing IoT, AI, and Analytics

  • Provides a Solution

    Creates and Maximizes Client's Social Shared Value for their Subject
    Makes a Plan of Development Strategy along with Growth and Intellectual Property Strategies

  • Treats a Solution

    Focuses on Client's Specialties and Business Target
    Develops a Structure of Needed Techs and Business in Minimum and Fastest Way Considering Cost and Stability

  • Develops a Solution

    Establish a Core Solution Using Novel Techs of Machine Learning, Data Analysis, and UIs
    Develops a Solution Totally Coordinating System, Application, Service, Content, Analysis, and Strategy

ー Technology Areas ー

Followings are technologies Resonest provides

  • Space Creation Design

    Proposes Scenes and Environments to Create Desired Values and Experiences

    User Experience Development
    User Interface Implementation

    Pursues Usability and Functionality Adopting Recent Techs like MEMS and ARs

  • Things Usability Design

    Designs "Things Usability" Interconnecting Thing Features and Enhancing Their Usability

    Device Networking

    Develops Network Directly Interconnecting Sensors and Actuators Resolving the Problem

    Analysis and Algorithms

    Provides Methodologies Interconnecting Data and Analyzing Content Behaviors

  • Intellectual Practice

    Modeling Given Problems from the Perspective of Intelligence and Practices

    Machine Learning

    Produces Solutions of Problem Models Utilizing Machine Learning, Annealing, etc.


    Practices Adopting Analysis nad Evaluation Followed by Business Decisions

  • Lifestyle Proposal

    Proposes and Visualizes Lives and Social Activities by Introducing Technologies

    Business Model Development

    Develops Business Models Realizing Lives and Social Activities

    Ecosystem Practice

    Practices Systems to Sustain Business Models

ー example ー

  • Developed Automated Control Method of Crystal Growth Using Reinforcement Learning Supporting Advanced Key Technology Laboratories
    (Left to right: Furnace (AKT provided), Reinforcement Leaning Configuration, Sample Screen of Automated Control, and Application for Informatics Accumulating Growth Knowledge)

Do you have any trouble like this?

Want to adopt IoT but not sure as to what to start.
Having technologies but lacks your point of view.
Want to adopt AI but afraid of development cost.
Lacks communication between mechanical and software engineers.
Want to develop an own analysis tool for objective evaluation.

We will accepts consultation of various issues.
Please feel free to contact us.